Commemorating Fors Fortuna: The Romans Celebrate Luck

Fors Fortuna

The Romans celebrated luck goddess Fors Fortuna on each 24 June, which also coincided with the summer solstice.

Summanus: Celebrating Jupiter’s Forgotten Dark “Twin”

The temple of Summanus was constructed somewhere in the vicinity of the Circus Maximus

Summanus, the now nearly forgotten Roman god of night lightning once boasted a reputation more prominent than that of Jupiter.

The Vestalia: Celebrating Vesta and Purifying Rome


The goddess Vesta protected Rome, earning an annual festival in her honour which purified both her shrine and the city of Rome.

Is The Month of June Named After Roman Goddess Juno?


The month of June is named after the Roman Goddess Juno, who’s just a copy of Greek Hera – right? Not quite. There’s a lot of history wrapped up in the name, Juno.