How Did the People of Pompeii Die? Suffocation Versus Thermal Shock


Accepted scholarship has always maintained that Pompeii’s victims were killed by suffocation. But re-examination of casts and skeletal remains suggests another cause of death.

Human Remains in Pompeii: The Body Casts


How were archaeologists able to retrieve such life-like casts of the bodies of Vesuvius’s victims? The key to the revival of Pompeii’s citizens is plaster, along with care and patience.

Saving Pompeii: Is there Any Hope of Preserving the UNESCO World Heritage Site?

broken wall

Recent wall collapses at Pompeii have highlighted the fragility of the site. Is there hope of conserving Pompeii for future research and excavation?

Dating the 79AD Eruption of Vesuvius: Is 24th August Really the Date?

Casts of Bodies from Pompeii preserved the outline of heavier clothes-suggesting the season was not summer

Popular culture states that Mount Vesuvius erupted on 24th August 79 AD, but new examinations of evidence suggest a later eruption date, in October.