Sutton Hoo and Europe AD 300–1100: New Permanent Gallery at British Museum

Chain necklace found in the Baltic Sea region. Image: Frances Spiegel, 2014, all rights reserved.

The British Museum’s new permanent gallery showcases the Sutton Hoo ship burial in the context of Medieval Europe and beyond. New interpretations, new finds, and more.

Vikings: Life and Legend – Highlights of an Exhibition at the British Museum

The Vale of York hoard, AD 900s. Image - British Museum used with permission.

The Vikings: life and legend exhibit at the British Museum offers a rare look into artefacts centering on their obsessions with treasure and ships.

Vikings: Life and Legend Exhibition Opens at the British Museum

viking hiddensee hoard

The British Museum’s Vikings: Life and Legend exhibition aims to separate fact from fiction on these legendary warriors. Just how scary were the Vikings?