Magnitude of Historic Earthquakes: How Big Were The Biggest Quakes?

Earthquakes of at least M8.5 since 1900. Image credit: USGS

Fifty years after the second largest earthquake, a look at past events indicates that magnitude isn’t the only thing that makes an earth tremor significant.

All-America Selections: 80-Year Seed History for Home Gardeners

Oakview Station of Ferry Morse Seed Company July 1941

All-America Selections has a long history of announcing winning seeds and plants. It is reliable plant information home gardeners can use with confidence.

Pi Day: Past, Present, and Future. Pi Men: One More Famous Than The Other

Are you ready for Pi Day? How much do you know about this very famous number? Image by Decoded Past, All Rights Reserved

Pi: The ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, approximately 3.14. We celebrate the famous ratio on March 14.

Reading the Runes: Decoding Runic Inscriptions of the Middle Ages


Are runes coded messages, quick notes, or tall tales? Researchers are still working to decipher many runic inscriptions, but the answer is all of the above.

Saving Pompeii: Is there Any Hope of Preserving the UNESCO World Heritage Site?

broken wall

Recent wall collapses at Pompeii have highlighted the fragility of the site. Is there hope of conserving Pompeii for future research and excavation?