Is The Month of June Named After Roman Goddess Juno?


The month of June is named after the Roman Goddess Juno, who’s just a copy of Greek Hera – right? Not quite. There’s a lot of history wrapped up in the name, Juno.

Richard III’s Scoliosis Revealed: Twisted Spine, Not Hunchback

You can clearly see the spiraling of King RIchard's spine in these three-dimensional models. Images courtesy of the University of Leicester

Shakespeare portrayed Richard III as an ungainly hunchback. The King’s skeleton, however, reveals scoliosis in a well-balanced and healthy individual.

The Nature of the Roman Gods: Greek Influences or True Originals?

nature of roman gods

Romans borrowed their gods’ personalities from Greek or earlier predecessors, but the original gods predated the influence of deities from Greece.

Bunnies, Eggs, and Goddesses: Is Easter a Pagan or a Christian Festival?


The Goddess “Eostre,” pagan symbols, and the Christian holiday are at odds with one another; is Easter a melding of pagan and Christian celebrations?

The Destruction of Herculaneum: Vesuvius Claimed More Than One Victim

Buildings in Herculaneum still embedded in tufa. Note: No roofs are in situ The modern town of Ercolano is build directly over the ancient town. Photograph copyright of Natasha Sheldon.

Experts chart the story of how Vesuvius destroyed Herculaneum in its archaeological remains, showing how they differ from nearby Pompeii.