Reported Bigfoot Killing 2014: Déjà Vu 2008?

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Stories of Bigfoot rampage throughout the world - is Rick Dryer's Bigfoot the real deal? Image by Plazak.

Stories of Bigfoot rampage throughout the world – is Rick Dryer’s Bigfoot the real deal? Image by Plazak.

On January 6, 2014, Rick Dyer told the press that he shot and killed a Bigfoot, also popularly known as Sasquatch or a cryptid, in the woods outside of the city about a year before. He said he heard the large ape-like hairy biped prowling near his tent and released a gritty clip from a video as proof.

Dyer is the same man who perpetuated a Bigfoot hoax in August 2008, but he’s not the first to make this claim; Bigfoot hoaxes actually began in the nineteenth century.   

Sasquatch Scam: Jacko

The first known Bigfoot hoax happened in Yale, British Columbia on June 30, 1884 when a hunter captured ‘Jacko. ‘The description of the creature makes it appear that he was a chimpanzee. Although newspapers published Bigfoot hoaxes to amuse readers, they didn’t attract national attention until the 1950s, courtesy of notorious scammer Ray Wallace.

Birth of Bigfoot

The 1958 “Birth of Bigfoot” case took place in California’s Bluff Creek region. Wallace created copious films, photographs, tape recordings, fake footprints and artifacts pertaining to the cryptid.

Patterson-Gimlin Tape

In 1967, it was time for another Bigfoot case. Roger Patterson and his assistant Bob Gimlin claimed they had a videotape of a Bigfoot. They shot this video, known as the Patterson-Gimlin film, in the Bluff Creek region. Wallace claimed he told Patterson where to videotape the Bigfoot.

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Was the Bigfoot a person in costume? It’s easy to construct an apelike costumes, as evidenced by the film Planet of the Apes and sequels. Hair covers most of the cryptid’s body. The limbs are humanoid, necks are absent, faces and noses are flat with sloped foreheads and brow ridges and the heads are cone-shaped. Bigfoot is, on the average, 7 feet tall, according to reports, but photographers can overcome height discrepancies by choosing the right background.

While the public learned of Wallace’s trickery in the Birth of Bigfoot case, the Patterson-Gimlin video remains a subject of controversy because no evidence appeared to irrevocably contradict its claim. Patterson died in 1972 and avowed to the end of his life the film was genuine. Gimlin maintains the same.

Rick Dyer and Matthew Gary Whitton’s Bigfoot Scam

On August 16th, Matthew Gary Whitton and Rick Dyer claimed they were hiking in early June when they discovered the corpse of a seven-foot, seven-inch tall, five hundred pound, half-ape, half-human creature near a stream in Georgia and saw about three similar living creatures.

They maintained they stored the Bigfoot’s corpse in a freezer. The pair started a website in July,, now long defunct, where they showed a picture of the Bigfoot’s corpse crammed into a freezer. The story made international news because this appeared legitimate, but a future event proved otherwise.

After a Bigfoot research group, Searching for Bigfoot, Inc., learned about the corpse; members signed a deal with Whitton and Dyer for an undisclosed sum of money. The pair gave the research group a block of ice that purportedly contained the corpse. The charlatans disappeared. When the ice melted, the group found a rubber ape suit filled with rotting animals’ entrails. Whitton and Dyer, in an interview with CNN, said that the fraud began as a joke, then ran amok when they decided to maintain the façade.

Bigfoot Dead? Texan Claims He Killed the Infamous Monster

According to ABC’s San Antonio, Texas affiliate KSAT, the same Rick Dyer is back in the news, claiming he nailed some Wal-Mart pork ribs to a tree to lure his prey so he could kill the creature. According to one lone source, regarding the KSAT broadcast, “Dyer says he shot and killed the mythical monster in a wooded area of California near Loop 1604 and Highway 151 in September 2012.”

Dyer released his own video with additional photos of the Bigfoot’s body, titled “New Bigfoot Pictures NOT on KSAT12,” and made a number of statements about the situation.

He said there was a long dispute with his investors and he had to go to the state of Washington to retrieve the creature’s body. Dyer claimed that he had someone conduct every test to prove the creature was a Bigfoot, including DNA, body scans and 3D optical scans. He said he would hold a news conference to reveal the test results and display the body.

Dyer claimed he invited over 100 people to see the body and he recorded their reactions when they saw it. He said the witnesses became believers. Dyer said that he, despite perpetuating past hoaxes, really shot a Bigfoot and claimed the title of the best Bigfoot tracker in the world. In order to prove this claim, Dyer said he would take the body on a road tour across North America and charge people a “small fee” to see the body after the future news conference ended.

In spite of his earlier television interview, Dyer told Portland, Oregon’s Fox News affiliate KPTV that he had to kill the Bigfoot for “redemption” because of his 2008 hoax. He also claimed there were a couple of Bigfoot animals, not just one. He said that he just received the body from a university in Washington, where the creature’s body underwent testing, but mentioned nothing about the investors having the body. He stated that he would hold a “medical press conference” on February 9th and university members would be there. Dyer also promised to donate the body to a museum after the tour.

The Death of Bigfoot 2014: Another Rick Dyer Hoax?

According to all previous reports of the 2014 Bigfoot story, except for one dissenting report, Dyer killed the Bigfoot in Texas. How did the investors get the body? Why was it transported to Washington? Was it kept in a freezer to prevent it from putrefying? If so, how was it kept from putrefying while being transported? At some point, someone taxidermied the body, but no one knows when. Why has the taxidermist kept silent?

Why did it take Dyer so long to reveal his killing a Bigfoot? Was it because of the dispute with the investors? Who are they? Why would people invest money for a known charlatan to continue his hunt for the elusive Bigfoot? Will the press conference actually take place on February 9th?

So many questions remain, but the only one who can provide all of the answers is known hoaxster, Rick Dyer.

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  1. james truax says

    I just wanted to mention a film and digital remaster specialist was given the opportunity to remaster and digitally enhance the P&G film. It was mentioned in an interview with a Hollywood specialist who worked on modern planet of the apes movies, who analyzed the remastered video himself, that they did not have the technology at that time, even with the early planet of the apes movie technology and budget, to create the type of body suit to match what was in the P&G film and that he wasn’t sure what was in the video. They did not have the textile technology of a flexible material that could stretch and move around body parts and muscles in multiple directions to hold the fur/hair during the time of the Patterson/Gimlin Film. Also, they were able to make more accurate or closer etimates of the body size of the creature, and the dimensions of the body would be hard to fit a human. The hip placement and length of the thighs and legs and torso wouldn’t match human anatomy very well making it less likely for a human to be in a body suit.

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