William Hogarth was an important Georgian artist

The Art of War: How Georgian Kings Faced Conflict at Home and Abroad

The First Georgians exhibit at Buckingham Palace shows how the Hanoverian kings handled Jacobite uprisings and continental wars through maps, battle plans, drawings and sculptures.

Image by  beglib.

The Coins of the Iceni Revolt: Honor and Removal

Iconic but defeated Queen Baudicca appeared on an ancient coin, while victorious Roman governor Paulinus got fired – and didn’t even get his face on a coin.

"... every good cause must have its martyrs. Why, then, should woman not be a martyr to her cause?" ~ Ernestine Rose. Image by Decoded Past.

Ernestine Rose, Activist and Philosopher – The Queen of the Platform

19th century activist Ernestine Rose passionately spoke for women’s rights, abolition and on behalf of other progressive issues despite societal pressures.

Bernard Baron, based on an oil painting by William Hogarth, Marriage-à-la-mode, Plate II, The Tête à Tête, 1745.
Image by Frances Spiegel with permission from The Queen's Gallery. All rights reserved.

William Hogarth and The First Georgians: Social Commentary On Show

William Hogarth, artist and printmaker, commented on the unseemly activities of a Georgian leisure class with spare cash and a passion for the high life.


Tambora 1815: History’s Largest Eruption and the “Year Without a Summer”

It’s almost a century since the largest volcanic eruption in historic time. Tambora, in Indonesia, created so much pollution that it caused temporary global cooling – the so-called ‘year without a summer.’