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Lady Chatterley’s Lover: Source of D.H. Lawrence’s Notorious Novel Exposed

New evidence offers insight into D.H. Lawrence and the source of his characters in his infamous novel, Lady Chatterley’s Lover.

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The Imperial War Museum Re-opens in London

The Imperial War Museum reopens to the public with thought-provoking displays on the First World War.


The Lucaria: Honouring the Gods of the Grove in Ancient Rome

The Romans created The Lucaria as a way to honour the gods of the sacred grove, even while clearing the land to expand Rome.

Plays as well as chariot races featured as part of the religious celebrations of the Ludi Apollinare. Picture shows ruins of Roman theatre at Sabratha, Libya. Copyright Natasha Sheldon.

The Ludi Apollinares: Assimilating Greek Rites into Roman Religion

The Romans managed an internal crisis through adding a new celebration dedicated to a Greek god, while still maintaining their Roman religious traditions.

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Bertrand Russell, Philosopher and Activist, Challenges the Pragmatists

Bertrand Russell argues that the popular pragmatist philosophers ignore extra-human facts, resulting in an incomplete philosophy.